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The company Schletter GmbH welcomes the opportunity to partner with the e-miglia once again in 2012.

For the third consecutive year the Schletter GmbH team will service vehicles participating in the e-miglia 2012 by providing the necessary power and will ensure availability of the mobile P-CHARGE charging pillars at each interim stop-point.

Charging structure at the e-miglia 2012:
Power is made available by the organizer at the start of each leg, at the interim stop-points and at the arrival points: Following consultation with the organizer and for reasons of fairness, all charging points will be fitted with 230V / 16A Schuko connections. Up to 4 vehicles can recharge batteries comfortably at one P-CHARGE charging pillar ready for the next challenging stage of the race, (you can find more information relating to the charging structure in

The Schletter P-CHARGE system comprises a complete line of charging stations for electric vehicles for both private and public areas. The system provides solutions to meet every demand,  whatever the customer specification – from the simple pillar-shaped charging stations for electric bicycles, scooters and cars through to sophisticated charging and billing systems for entire parking area systems and for the electric vehicle fleets of the future. Production potential in a wide range of designs ensures that the P-CHARGE system can be aligned to all possible customer requirements and specifications.

The new network-capable EWS Box serves as the definitive control unit and can be deployed as an enhancement to all P-CHARGE charging stations. It ensures that the charging process is deployed correctly to the vehicle, while managing all necessary controlling and notification functions according to IEC 61851-1 Mode 3. The communication module can monitor and control two connected consumers independently from each other. The EWS Box can be connected to higher-level control or building management systems via ethernet interface.

The company Schletter GmbH has been working to facilitate the use of renewable energies for 25 years: Specialist customers acknowledge us as the European market leader in the area of photovoltaic mounting systems. In combination with the solar carports Park@Sol the P-CHARGE system provides a renewable energy source for electric vehicles.

On behalf of the entire company Schletter GmbH and the P-CHARGE  Team, we would like to wish all participants of the e-miglia 2012 an electrifying, fun and successful rally!

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