The participation in the e-miglia 2013 is open to anyone who is in the possession of a valid driver’s license and an electric vehicle. The number of participating vehicles is limited to a maximum of 32. The number of participating vehicles is limited to a maximum of 32. Individuals as well as teams consisting of a driver and a co-driver can participate. Vehicles with 2, 3 and 4 wheels are permitted, as long as they are purely electrically powered.  Service and escort vehicles can be registered, but a fee is required.

Entry fee:tartgeld: € 1.500,- per person

Services: Rally organization, daily driver briefings, routes and time schedules, roadbook, mobile charging stations with free electric power supply, media support, e-miglia 2013 DVD

Charging stations: In the starting and target area, as well as during the stopover (sowie beim Zwischenstopp (schock-proof plug 230V)

Prizes: € 10.000,- in premiums, rämien, trophies / medals and honorary prizes for all participants, official e-miglia 2013 t-shirt

Time schedule
(with reservation)

Registration start: March 1st ,2013

Registration deadline: June 15th ,2013

Technical approval: July 21st ,2013

Start: July 21st ,2013

Finish: July 25th , 2013

You can find the registration form for the e-miglia 2013 right here.

Detailed information can be found in the regulations, the general terms and conditions and the waiver of liability.

In case you have any further questions, please contact

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