The registration for the e-miglia 2013 will start on March 1st ,2013 and is only possible with the registration form posted here. This has to be completed online, then printed out via the print function (at the end of the page) and mailed to the organization office of the e-miglia 2012. A delivery via e-mail or fax is not permitted. The registration will end on June 15th, 2013.

Please note: A registration is admissible for individual drivers, as well as for teams with two people in a vehicle. The incidental participation fee has to be paid for each person. The registration is only considered completed if the registration form has been mailed and the entry fee has been paid. The registration is secured if you have received an official  nominal confirmation from the organizer in the mail.

You can find additional information regarding the registration and the services involved in the Regulations (Attention! The regulations are not updated for the year 2013. This link leads to the regulations fromt the e-miglia 2012. Its data can vary slightly for 2013).

Applicant (applying person/company)




Evaluation category*:

Please send the nominal confirmation *

Will you be accompanied by service vehicles?*

Number of service vehicles:

Service /accompanying person

Participation fee

Per person (driver, co-driver)*
Per service vehicle
Per service person/accompanying person
1.500,00 €   x   
200,00 €   x   
400,00 €   x   


Allgäuer Volksbank Sonthofen, Kto: 595 020, BLZ 733 900 00
IBAN: DE 08 7339 0000 0000 5950 20 BIC, SWIFT: GENODEF1KEV

I have read and agree to the e-miglia 2013 General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations.

I have also read and and agree to the Waiver of Liability and to the Assignment of privacy rights. I have signed both and am including them with the application.

I agree to the publication of my name and my rally results.

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