Regulations for the e-miglia 2012

As of 14.2.2012


Offroad Solutions Ltd., 8 Wingfield Avenue, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 6AL, England

1. Organising committee / Responsibilities:
Technology: Technical Control Board South (TÜV SÜD)
Time measurement: xxx
Sport inspector: xxx
Route: Richard Schalber/Joerg Reindl
Briefing: Richard Schalber/Manuel Atzler
Press: Claudia Rickmann
TV: Uschi Hausner

2. Rally Organization
Schalber Event GmbH
Am Auwald 12
D-87541 Bad Hindelang
Phone: 0049-8324-952949
Fax: 0049-8324-952955

Overall Organization
REBEL Marketing GmbH
Schlesische Straße 27
D-10997 Berlin
Phone: 0049-89-200034714
Fax: 0049-89-200034729

Press Management                                 
REBEL Marketing GmbH
Schlesische Straße 27
D-10997 Berlin
Phone: 0049-89-200034715
Fax: 0049-89-200034729

TV Management
REBEL Productions GmbH
Altonaer Poststraße 13
D-22767 Hamburg
Phone: 0049-89-200034722
Fax: 0049-89-200034729

3. Event:
The event e-miglia is a reliability rally. Kick-off is on August 12th, 2012 in Munich (GER), the finish-line will be crossed on August 16th, 2012 in St. Moritz (CH). During this time, special stages / constancy tests / accomplishment assessments are arranged. The special stages / constancy tests will in part take place on closed off sections of the route, whereas the transfer stages / accomplishment assessments will lead through public streets.

4. Participants:
The drivers, co-drivers, service personal and accompanying people are considered     participants. Eligible are all those, who are able to present all the necessary docu ments in person at the administrative approval in Munich on August 12th , 2012 and   who have paid their entry fee in full.
Those persons who are registered as drivers have to be in possession of a valid driver’s license for the participating vehicle. Sport licenses are not required.
Everyone who would like to participate in the e-miglia rally 2012, has to fill out the registration form correctly and mail it to the rally office below by June 15th, 2012 latest.

Schalber Event GmbH
c/o e-miglia rallye
Am Auwald 12
D- 87541 Bad Hindelang

The number of vehicles is limited to 30.

5. Registration:
Every participant has to register with the organizer’s official documents. A maximum of 30 vehicles will be admitted. Registration deadline is June 15th, 2012 on which the documents have to be presented to the organizer. If registrations are faxed or sent via other means of communication (e-mail etc.), the original registration has to also be subsequently sent in the mail. The participation fee has to be included in form of a check or deposited on the following account (in this case, the registration form has to be accompanied by the voucher for payment).

Offroad Solutions Ltd. (Organizer)
Allgaeuer Volksbank

Account No. 595 020
Bank Routing No. 733 900 00
IBAN DE 08 7339 0000 0000 5950 20

Receipt confirmations (starting position reservation) will be sent out immediately. The registration confirmations will be sent out after the registration deadline.
Subsequent changes in the entries on the registration form have to be made in writing. If changes of any kind are made after June 15th, 2012, an additional fee of 500 Euro for every notification of change is incurred. Changes after August 1st, 2012, will be disregarded.
With the delivery of the registration form all of the applicants and participants accept  the documents the event is based on, such as the regulations, the organizer’s general terms and conditions, the waiver of liability and the assignment of rights, without subsequent objections.

6. Participation fee / Correction entry:
The participation fee is 1500,- € per person for the driver and co-driver. The participation fee per service vehicle is 200,- €, every service/accompanying person costs 400,- €.

Covered by the participation fee are:

  • Organization of the rally
  • Time measurement
  • Closing evening with award ceremony
  • Trophies and honorary prizes for all categories
  • Roadbook
  • Routes and time schedules
  • Official rally T-shirt
  • Prize money for the winners
  • The energy costs for the recharging of the car batteries at the organizer’s official charging stations
  • e-miglia DVD

Not covered are:

  • Road charges
  • Vehicle transportations
  • Travelling expenses
  • Recovery fees
  • Room and board

Cancellation fee:
In case of a cancellation until the registration deadline (June 15th, 2012), a service charge of 25% of the participation fee will be withheld. If the cancellation occurs later, none of the participation fee will be refunded.
The participation fee will be refunded in full if the application of the team was rejected.

7. Vehicles:
Permitted are all vehicles with two, three, or four wheels, which are solely powered by an electric motor. (All hybrid types are not permitted).
All vehicles have to comply with the traffic regulations of the respective country of origin and have to be licensed for public road traffic. Vehicles with provisional, short-term or customs plates are not admitted to participate.
The vehicles have to have a daily range of at least 200 km, wherein a recharging of a minimum of 3 hours will be made possible after about 100 km., provided that the required driving time has been complied with.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) -Requirements for the vehicles:
The participant affirms the conformance of the participating electric vehicle with regards to the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). In more specific terms this means that the following standards are adhered to: EN 61000-x / EN 55022:2006 / ISO 11451-x / ISO 11452-x. A declaration of conformity has to be produced if the organizer requests such. 

8. Evaluation categories:
An overall winner, as well as a winner for each category will be determined.

Category 1:   Purely electrically powered two-wheeler
Category 2:   Purely electrically powered three-wheeler
Category 3:   Purely electrically powered four-wheeler

An evaluation category is only assessed if at least four vehicles are registered in it. Should the quorum not be reached, that evaluation category id assessed together with the next higher category.

9. Assessment:
The evaluation of the event is not geared towards tackling the stages at top speed. The evaluation is solely based on the recordings of the organizer. The assessment considers the binding stage times, the special stages, the constancy tests, the accomplishment assessments, as well as the approached checkpoints (CP) and the electric power consumption. All the necessary information is entered in the vehicle’s control chart (with the exception of the electric power consumption). The control chart has to be presented by the driver / co-driver in person at the designated check points and has to be personally stamped at the time clock. Non-authorized entries will lead to exclusion from the evaluation.
The compliance with the the routing described in the roadbook is checked by time controls (TC) and CPs. In order to receive the TC and CP stamps, they have to be approached in the direction of the routing.
Every participant her-/himself is responsible for her/his time entries at the respective official time or attendance recorder. The time stamp results from the driving times specified in the time schedule.

Non-admission to the kick-off, Start  / Daily Start:

  • absense of the organizer’s advertising (even partially)
  • delay in the administrative approval of the documents and/or vehicle    extending to more than the specified time in the registration confirmation
  • more than 15 minutes delay at the start of the rally or a leg

The following time penalties apply:

  • Failure to comply to the specified driving times:

a)      Early punching: 30 minutes added per every started minute

b)      Late punching: 10 minutes added per every started minute

(from the 11th minute on an overall time addition of 100 minutes)

  • 540 minutes added to the slowest daily time in the special stages plus missing CP + ZK entries results from:

a)      Failure to participate in a day of driving (the organizer has to be notified)

b)      Loss of control chart

c) Failure to deliver the control chart at the daily destination or to the rally office (by the driver or co-driver in person) 30 minutes after the end of the leg at the latest

d)      Accepting outside service support (during the rally, technical support is only permitted by the officially registered service vehicles and persons)

e)      Loss of the electricity card

f)       Violation of the vehicle’s charging current calibration (is only allowed to be on a maximum of 16A)

  • 180 minutes added to the slowest daily time in the special stages results from:

a) Failure to participate in the special stages / constancy tests

  • A time penalty of 120 minutes results from:

a) Failure to conclude an accomplishment assessment

b) Exchanging the energy source outside of the organizer’s official charging stations

c) Re-charging outside of the charging stations provided by the organizer

  • A time penalty of 100 minutes results from:

a) Not entering the Parc Ferme and not approaching the officially designated charging stations

b) Missing CP entry or time control (this includes the start of the leg)

  • 60 minutes added to the slowest daily time in the special stages results from:

a) Failure to finish a special stage / constancy test

  • Failure to comply with the target driving time for special stages

a) Exceeding the target time: the difference to the target driving time is added on as time penalty.

b)  Undercutting the target time (exception circuit) : per started minute undercut, 30 minutes are added on as time penalty.

c) Circuit: 2 rounds are to be driven at the same time. A time difference of the rounds results in a 1 minute time penalty for each 1 second difference.

d)      If the wheels come to a standstill within the visual range of the special stage’s finish-line: 60 minutes time penalty.

(The time measurement during the special stages is accurate to the tenth of a second)

  • Electric power consumption: the overall electric power consumption will be evaluated as a separate assessment criteria:

a) The electric power consumption, kWh, is converted 1:1 into seconds and  incorporated into the overall standings. The final reading will occur on the mornign of the last driving day.

  • Disregarding instructions by the organization will result in the exclusion from the evaluation.
  • Individual assessment points / time penalties are added up.

10. Vehicle equipment:
Mandatory equipment: 
1.  First aid kit according to DIN standards
2.  Driver’s / co-driver’s name on the vehicle’s left and right front fender + national flag (see appendix -2-)
3.  Warning triangle
4.  Seat belts
5.  Approved reflective vest per person
6.  Adapter cable for charging process

Recommended equipment:

  1. Tow rope
  2. Towing fixture on the vehicle’s front and back marked with a yellow arrow
  3. Portable fire extinguisher
  4. Car-jack
  5. Vehicle tool kit
  6. Spider wrench
  7. Spare tires

All pieces of the equipment have to be secured in the vehicle, so that there is no danger for the occupants.

11. Neccessary documents:
1.    ID card / passport
2.    National / international driver’s license
3.    Registration certificate
4.    International insurance card
5.    Insurance certificate (copy of the policy)
6.    Confirmation of registration from the organizer
7.    Signed waiver of liability, signed terms and conditions, signed regulations + assignment of rights to name and image (has to be signed by all participants latest at the approval)
8.    Waiver / authorization of the vehicle owner, in case the participant is not the owner

12. Papers- and Vehicle Approval
Each person of a participating team has to appear personally for the technical approval and the document acceptance within the time designated by the organizer. It is required to show the valid car documentation in accordance with the national regulations of the vehicle’s country of origin, as well as corresponding proof of insurance.

13. Driver Briefing and Driver’s license
The participants are obligated to take part in the daily driver briefing. Information re      garding the driver briefing will be posted.
Every driving participant assures the organizer that she/he is in possession of a valid driver’s license for the vehicle she/he is driving. The driver has to have this driver’s license with her/him during the rally.

14. Insurance
The participating vehicles have to have a minimum liability insurance of all in  1.000.000,– Euro. By handing in the registration, the applicant / participant / vehicle owner declares that a liability insurance corresponding with these stipulations is taking effect.

15. Limitation of liability
The participants, as well as the vehicle owner take part in the event at their own risk. They alone bear the civil and penal responsibility for all the damages caused by them or the vehicle they’re operating. With their signature on the waiver of liability the participants waive all claims of any kind for damages, which occur in connection with the event, namely against the organizer, the track guards and marshals, helpers, public authorities, support and emergency services, as well as all other natural persons or corporate bodies, who are connected with the organization of the event, and other participants. This does not apply to personal injuries which are based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty – including those of a legal representative or vicarious agent of the group of people not liable, and except for other damages which are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty – including those of a legal representative or vicarious agent of the group of people not liable. In case of the driver not being the owner of the operated vehicle, the vehicle owner will be handing in a seperate waiver of liability.

16. Starting numbers / Advertising:
Three starting numbers are placed on each vehicle (on the driver and co-driver door, as well as on the engine hood). The panel which has to be kept free should have the size of 40 x 40 cm. The starting numbers are supplied by the organizer and have to be placed during the vehicle approval. For the event’s sponsors the following panels are to be kept free: see attachment -1-. All participants are obligated to place the starting numbers and the partners of the organizer. In case of refusing to place, modifying or removing the organizer’s ad panels, the organizer reserves the right to exclude the respective participant from the competition. Should exclusion occur, the paid entry fee will not be reimbursed.
The organizer has the right to use the success of the participants in particular, as well as their participation in the event, for media and promotional purposes. This includes the right to utilize picture and film material of the participants and their vehicles for general advertising purposes, in presentations, print works and on the Internet. The participants explicitly cede the rights to their own image to the organizer for these purposes. Starting numbers have to always be legible.

17. Charging stations:
Every day, charging stations for recharging of the batteries are provided after about 100 km, and at the stage’s destination. The maximum charging time during the stage is 3-4 hours, if the required driving time is adhered to. Late arrival results in the charging time being shortened by the time of delay. The charging time at the stage’s destination amounts to at least 8 hours. The charging process begins when the charging station is unlocked and it is limited by the clock timer. All charging processes are done within a kind of Parc Ferme. Recharging the energy source outside of the charging stations supplied by the organizer is not permitted.
All of the vehicles require a plug (adapter) for a 230 Volt connection. Every participant is responsible for her/his own charging cable. The charging stations supplied by the organizer each provide monophase 230 Volt / maximal 16 Amperes via shockproof plug. The charging current should be set to maximal 16A at the vehicle.
At the official charging sites of the e-miglia, the participants are only allowed to recharge at the charging columns supplied by the organizer. Recharging via your own charging station, as well as product placement of your own charging station at the official charging sites of the e-miglia is not permitted.

18. Room / board:
All participants are responsible for their own room and board.

19. Rules of conduct:
The participants have to obey the instructions of the event administration and those persons authorized by them throughout the entire event. In case of failure to comply with the instructions or violation of the regulations, the organizer can impose time penalties or disqualify participants entirely.
The organizer reserves the right to change parts of the rules and regulations or the route during the course of the competition.
Protests by participants are prohibited.
The languages during the rally are German and English.

20. Route  / Navigation:
It is incumbent on the participant to choose the route. As an orientation guide, the organizer will supply a route map, time schedules, a roadbook and GPS coordinates, visual route markings or other orientation pointers. The routes are public and not cordoned off. It is imperative that the participant observes the traffic regulations in the respective countries and autonomously adapts her/his driving behaviour, in particular the driving speed, to the conditions of the driving route.

21. Award ceremony / end of the event:
The event ends with the awards ceremony in St. Moritz on August 16th, 2012. The personal appearance at the awards ceremony is presumed. Awards are not forwarded.

22. Prize money / Prizes:
The prize money totaling a maximum of 10.000,- € will be paid out the following way:
Category 1: winner € 2.500.-
Category 2: winner € 2.500.-
Category 3: winner € 2.500.
e-miglia: overall winner € 2.500.-
(per category a minimum of four participants is required)
The winners of each category receive trophies.
All participants receive an e-miglia medal.

23. Proviso:
‘The organizer reserves the right to shorten or lengthen the course of the event, as well as canceling or adding parts of the event, due to circumstances beyond his control. A refund of the participation fee will not take place for this reason. The organizer reserves the right to refuse applications without giving reasons. The organizer is entitled to update the content of the regulations at any time.

Please find the attachements in the dowloaded document.

© e-miglia 2012 – The Organizing committee

Download: Regulations e-miglia 2012

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